Early Childhood Mental Health Modules

Welcome to this set of modules that address early childhood mental health (ECMH) competencies adopted by the North Carolina Infant Mental Health Association (NCIMHA), developed by the Alamance Alliance for Children and Families.  The competencies describe the knowledge and skills personnel who work with young children and families need in order to provide excellent care.  This set of modules addresses the first 4 competencies: 1) parenting, caregiving, family functioning and parent-child relationships, 2) child development: infant, toddler and preschool age children 3) biological and psychosocial factors impacting outcomes, and 4) risk and resiliency.

The modules introduce core ECMH competencies to be used as in-service education for all people working with young children and their families.  This includes early care and education providers as well as early childhood professionals in other fields such as early intervention, health departments, child protective services, and home visitation.  Successful completion of each module (70% passing score) will provide a certificate of completion for one (1) contact hour.

To access these modules through the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) Moodle site, follow this link: http://www.dcdee.moodle.nc.gov/. Directions to access Moodle trainings can be found at the bottom of their page.

Please start with the introduction, which will describe the make-up of the modules and some logistics for working through the modules.

You will find a set of content slides for each of the modules at the following links:

Finally, if you are a supervisor, coach, or mentor who is working with learners in completing these modules, you may find this facilitator’s guide a helpful resource: