NC Foundations-NC Preschool Pyramid Emotional-Social Development Trainer Modules

Professional development (PD) modules on this page were designed to be delivered in a face-to-face professional development learning community and facilitated by a designated trainer. Designed according to research-based practices for effective PD, the modules each contain: a pre-learning assignment, PowerPoint slides, a script, video clips, handouts, supporting materials, and a post-learning activity. These materials can be used in different ways to support the PD that you provide in your district. Self-paced Modules have also been developed for Modules 1-11 to support independent learning. You can access them via the link or the menu bar above.

The multi-tiered instructional practices for emotional-social learning are organized using the Prechool Pyramid Model (PPM) with three tiers of support. NC-ELN has developed an overview of the principles, including Formative Assessment, that support each tier. Tier I practices are the core instructional practices that are needed to support ALL children and promote children's healthy development. Tier II instructional practices are designed to provide extra support to prevent problem behaviors for SOME children. Tier III practices provide intervention to the few young children who experience serious and persistent problem behaviors. Research by the the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) indicates consistent implementation of these practices can prevent challenging behaviors and build social skills. Please use the links below to access the training materials.


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